Catherine Keller practices theology as a relation between ancient hints of ultimacy and current matters of urgency. As the George T. Cobb Professor of Constructive Theology in the Theological School and Graduate Division of Religion of Drew University, she teaches courses in process, political, and ecological theology. Within and beyond Christian conversation, she has all along mobilized the transdisciplinary potential of feminist, philosophical, and pluralist intersections with religion.

Her most recent books invite at once contemplative and social embodiments of our entangled difference: Facing Apocalypse: Climate, Democracy, and Other Last Chances (Forthcoming April 2021); Political Theology of the Earth: Our Planetary Emergency and the Struggle for a New Public (2018); Intercarnations: On the Possibility of Theology (2017); and Cloud of the Impossible: Negative Theology and Planetary Entanglement (2014). Keller’s other books include On the Mystery: Discerning Divinity in Process (2008); God and Power: Counter-Apocalyptic Journeys (2005); Face of the Deep: A Theology of Becoming (2003); Apocalypse Now and Then: A Feminist Guide to the End of the World (1996); and From a Broken Web: Separation, Sexism, and Self (1986).

Since the start of the millennium, she has served as executive director of the annual Drew University Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquium. These events have yielded 12 anthologies, mostly published by Fordham University Press. Of these volumes, Keller is co-editor of Entangled Worlds: Religion, Science, and the New Materialisms (co-edited with Mary Jane Rubenstein); Common Goods: Economy, Ecology, and Political Theology (co-edited with Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre and Elías Ortega-Aponte); Polydoxy: Theology of Multiplicity and Relation (co-edited with Laurel Schneider); Apophatic Bodies: Negative Theology, Incarnation & Relationality (co-edited with Christopher Boesel); Ecospirit: Theologies and Philosophies of the Earth (co-edited with Laurel Kearns); Toward a Theology of Eros: Transfiguring Passion at the Limits of Discourse (co-edited with Virginia Burrus); and Postcolonial Theologies: Divinity and Empire (co-edited with Michael Nausner and Mayra Rivera, published by Chalice Press).